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Are you looking to to get the most from your kitchen this Christmas? Here’s some suggestions from Guest writer Olga of Sustainable Kitchens.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, getting ready to go to one or just trying to figure out how you’ll get it all done this holiday season we have a few easy tricks to ensure smooth sailing.

Decorate with festive colours

Black and orange for Halloween. Red and green for Christmas. Why not?

It will help the whole family get into the spirit of the holidays and it’ll remind you what all the hard work is for.

Add a festive table cloth or hang some fairy lights for that holiday feeling.

Have a cabinet & fridge clear out

Forget Spring cleaning, holiday cleaning is the way forward!

Once you take stock of what you have and what you need, it’s much easier to plan for holiday meals.

Make a list of what you need as you’re clearing out so all that’s left is the shopping.

Get the kids involved

your kitchen this Christmas

Stress is high around the holidays so sometimes kids end up being left out.

One great way to spend more time together and get a bit of extra help in the kitchen is to invite your kids to help. Get them to help out with the baking or setting the table.

They’ll feel more a part of the celebration and you’ll get an extra set of hands helping. A win for everyone!

Schedule parties and plan ahead

Making the most out of your kitchen doesn’t always mean using it as much as possible.

This seems like a no-brainer, but if you don’t sit down and look at your calendar you might find yourself overbooked and dreading the holidays.

It can be tempting to say yes to every invitation but you need to consider your own needs.

Do you want to be in your kitchen rustling up food for guests every weekend or do you want some quiet time to yourself?

Look ahead and book time for others (and yourself!).

Make your guests part of the prep

You don’t have to do everything. Ask your guests to bring a starter or dessert. Or better yet, ask them to help you cook. This will be a nice way to catch up informally before the big meal.

It will take the pressure off you so you can relax and enjoy the process. And it might also help start conversation especially if people are from different social groups.

What are your thoughts on getting the most from your kitchen this Christmas?

Let us know in the comments! If you have questions please also ask those in the comments and we’ll get them answered for you.

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