Are you starting your new kitchen project? If you are, maybe you’re thinking what could be a good floor for your kitchen. It’s a big part of your project and budget after all and will need some consideration. Here, we’ll be sharing with you our top 2 limestone floors that would be perfect for your kitchen.

There are alternatives, of course including wood flooringstone flooring or possibly porcelain tiles.

To keep decision making simple for you, we’ll only be talking about Limestone floor in this post. Please see our other posts for alternative flooring choices.

Lambourne – Limestone

limestone floors
Starts from £49.50 per m2

The Lambourne limestone is a very hard wearing flagstone, and will work well in any setting. Whether you are looking for a grey limestone for your kitchen or for your bathroom, this stone is going to be hard wearing in any situation.

We have installed this natural stone in Stroud to over 50 projects in the last 5 years of having the it in our portfolio.

Those projects can be seen over on our Pinterest Boards. Go check them out!

If you’re looking for a long lasting floor that stands the test of time then the Lambourne limestone is an excellent choice. To see the colour variations we stock visit our store.

Cotswold Cream – Limestone Flag

Starts from £49.00 per m2

The Cotswold Cream limestone is a one of our customers favourite stones. It’s a very popular choice!

A natural stone from the Cotswolds, it has sandy tones and a similar look to the local stones of the area.

This natural stone is suitable for outside patio areas too, its frost tested and if you’re looking for a stone to continue from your kitchen to the outside area then this stone is perfect for exactly that.

Cotswold stone flooring in Stroud is one of the areas longest traditions and we’re proud to be selling a traditional stone from our local area.

What are your thoughts on using limestone tile for your next flooring project?

Let us know in the comments! If you have questions please also ask those in the comments and we’ll get them answered for you.

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