Winter is coming! As well as the mud, wet and outdoor gear that go with it too. This is where a porch really would come in handy. If you have a porch you’ll want to have the perfect stone floor for your porch. With the right flooring, your flooring will have the durability and high quality finish your home entrance deserves.

Why install a porch?

Its winter and you’re coming into the house with muddy boots after walking the dog! What to do? Well, the best option, if you have the space, is to build a porch to the front of your house. This will solve a number of issues in one:

  1. Keep the cold out from the rest of the house as it may be designed with a door to close behind you before you enter the house.
  2. Keep you dry as you are taking off your muddy boots.
  3. Keep the muddy boots out of your home! they are muddy and everything muddy stays in the porch!
  4. A place to clean the dogs feet before you come inside?
  5. Extra layer of security to your home if you decide to add a lockable door
  6. Valuable extra storage for coats, boots, umbrellas, hats and gloves which take up space in the entrance to your home. Easy accessible on your way out the door.
stone floor for your porch

What size should I build my porch?

This all depends on what you intend to use your porch for? As we have mentioned, it may be a small porch for storing coats and shoes etc. You may want to consider building a larger porch which could store your commuting bike to work, or a pushchair? Planning permission will be required for a porch any bigger than 3m square, so bare this in mind when designing your porch. According to the Planning Portal installing a porch is usually considered to be a permitted development, and in most cases you will not need to apply for planning permission.

There are occasions when planning permission for a porch will be required:

  • When the ground floor area of the porch (measured externally) is more than three square meters

  • When any part of the porch height is three meters above ground level
  • When any part of the porch is within two meters of a public road or footpath

It is important to note that these rules are only applicable to houses; please enquire for more information regarding permission for flats, maisonettes or listed buildings.

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Which is the best stone floor for your porch?

When it comes to flooring, it’s a good idea to go for something very hard wearing such as slate or a limestone tile for your porch. These stones are hardy and will withstand the muddy boots and constant outdoor weather. We would recommend a flagstone such as the Chollah Beige which is very dense and hard wearing and is suitable for outside use too. Slate is also a great stone for porches and come in black grey and green. Take a look at our grey slate flagstones as an idea for your porch. Slate cobbles are also a nice idea and will give your porch a stable look.

What are your thoughts on the perfect stone floor for your porch?

Let us know in the comments! If you have questions please also ask those in the comments and we’ll get them answered for you.

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