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START your New Year project!

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Get started on that NEW YEAR PROJECT, take advantage of this one time offer

Spring is just around the corner, so why not treat your home to something special…

1) Give your home a present this year with 10% OFF selected stone or oak flooring

2) Buy now and we will STORE IT FOR FREE, and deliver it when your ready for it

3) Order before Feb 20th and get BOTTLE OF BUBBLY 

Why not just get on it now so its ready for your New Year project! in the knowledge that you saved a huge chunk of money in the process!!!  

We have a great range of natural stone, porcelain tiles and oak flooring to choose from so why not get your creative juices flowing and buzz around the pages on the site. You can then drop us a line to order samples through the post…

Call us anytime to discuss your project,  and speak to one of our experienced team.


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