6 tips for Keeping your flooring team sweet for a super result!

keeping your flooring team sweet

As David, our resident Tiler tells us, keeping your flooring team sweet whilst they’re working onsite is very important and can mean the difference between getting ‘a fantastic job!’ and a ‘mediocre one’.

“Having worked with my guys on installations over the past 15 years I have experienced some pretty rubbish hospitality on site I can tell you. Sometimes we don’t even get offered a cup of tea!”

David, our resident tiler

David goes on to give us some secret top tips on getting a good job from your builders.

“Its really simple actually. Here you go, Im sure you can do all of these.”


Be nice to your builders, they are human just the same as you, they are not gorillas (although i have seen builders that resemble gorillas) some of us meditate in a morning before we start work and drink camomile tea!

Be curious and ask questions about who they are and their interests. If your builder feels that you have an interest in who they ‘really’ are and not just a dogs body to turn up and get the job done, they will most likely take care and put a bit of love into the work on your beautiful home.


Offer them a space in the house to put their belongings, phones etc, so they don’t feel like they are imposing in your home.

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Show them which toilet they can use and explain that they don’t have to ask every time they need to use it. This will have them feel at home.


Offer them a cup of tea or ‘real’ coffee.


It’s really worth offering, and making a point of the fact that you have ‘real’ ground coffee, even if they don’t like it, it’s nice to offer and chances are they will love it.


Even better! Create a tea/coffee making station somewhere for the team. This will mean that they can make hot drinks as and when they would like them and you don’t have to be constantly be asking them.


Depends how long they are working for you. Only 2-3 days or 2-3 months, my advice is to get a nice treat in right at the beginning of the job. NICE biscuits are easy and should be kept in full supply, not cheap Pound Stretcher ones, but nice ones that they maybe wouldn’t have at home.


If you really want to get the best job?

Make them all a lovely, generous bacon sandwich with cups of hot tea on their first day! They will be blown away!!! It’s a real rarity and they will talk about how good it was the whole day!

Trust me, Im a builder! 🙂

What are your thoughts on keeping your flooring team sweet, do you have tips to add?

Let us know in the comments! If you have questions please also ask those in the comments and we’ll get them answered for you.

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