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Frequently asked questions about Stone & Oak

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Are Natural Stone tiles a good choice over porcelain tiles?

Natural stone tiles are unique in every way. Each tile is totally different to the next and they improve with age as does oak flooring improve with age. Natural stone tiles if treated and installed correctly will last the lifetime of your property which is a great investment. Estate agents rate installing a natural stone floor in your home up there with installing a loft conversion, it will add value to your property so choose a stone that is good quality and 1st Grade. Rock and Wood only import 1st Grade stones. Porcelain tiles are hard wearing too but even with todays technology, the manufacturers cannot replicate the unique random patterning of the natural product.

What is a good stone tile for my kitchen?

We have may Natural stone tiles for kitchens in our range at R&W but our advise would be to choose something that suites the brief of your lifestyle. If you have 3 small children and a chocolate lab! then choose a hard wearing stone thats easy to clean. You will see the advise given to all our stones as you search through them. Also be a good idea to consider Underfloor Heating for your kitchen? 12mm stones will conduct heat very nicely, but a 15 or 20mm stone will conduct it beautifully. Speak to our team about the options available to you. UFH Specialist is Jamie Robins – 0845 4660192

Is Natural stone easy to clean?

Natural stone is very easy to keep clean as long as you use the correct products. Only use a reputable stone floor cleaner to mop your floor with after you have hoovered it or swept it. Using things that have bleach or other nasty chemicals will strip the sealer and ruin the stone. We have written Blogs on cleaning stone flooring. See Blog page here

Whats the best stone for my bathroom?

Marble is a great hard stone, but can be slippery when wet. Soft stones like the Premium Tumbled Travertine have better grip in bathrooms. Mosaic tiles look great and can make it seem bigger. Slate tiles with a riven finish can provide natural grip, but we suggest you always lay a mat down to avoid slippery surfaces.

Whats the best stone for an entrance?

In a hallway you want to make a good first impression so I would go for a shiny marble or honed travertine. As its so hard wearing, it’s a great way to make sure your hallway can handle all the footfall. Cobble Slate is also a great hard wearing tile and very cost effective, can also go outside.

What adhesive do i need?

We have a range of adhesives that work in conjunction with our natural stone tiles and your project. There are many situations and each project is different so it would be advisable to talk to us about your project before ordering adhesive. If you are planning on having under floor heating you need to use a flexible adhesive and grout. 

What if i spill wine on my stone floor?

If the floor has been sealed correctly then the liquid should not penetrate the floor. The liquid should just sit on top of the floor waiting for you to mop it up. If wine, vinegar or acidic food is left on the floor then it may start to erode the sealant and may stain so mop it up right away. For deep cleaning advice go to www.extensive.co.uk 

Can stone go outside?

Most stones are designed for inside use but there are many that have been frost tested and are suitable for outside use. Here are a few of our natural stones that are suitable for outside use. Our popular York Stone is the quintessential Cotswold stone for landscaping your garden. The Chollah Beige is extremely hard and suitable for kitchen to courtyard through folding doors.  Get in touch with us at Rock and Wood to discuss your project and we will advise you on the best stone for your project. Rock and Wood can supply any size stone you like if you have a little time to wait for a special order say between 6 to 8 weeks. 

What sizes does stone come in?

The most common sizes for stone are 400 x 400mm, 600 x 400mm, 800 x 400mm, 600 x 600mm, and 600 x 900mm. Also popular is 500 x random length and 600 x random length, with random lengths being up to 1000mm in length. Rock and Wood can supply any size stone you like if you have a little time to wait for a special order say between 6 to 8 weeks. 


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