Is English limestone flooring the right choice for your home?

There may be several reasons for considering an English limestone flooring in your home v’s an Indian or an Egyptian limestone. One may be that you just love everything English and you drink cups of tea with scones every day and drive a Morris Minor to and from the community hall each week for choir practice?  But it’s more likely to be the following…..

ECO Friendly

Buying a local or English stone for your kitchen will cut down on the carbon footprint of your build substantially!..  Especially if you are lucky enough to have a quarry local to where you live that suites the style of project you are using it for. Most English stones will be quarried, finished (Finished – manufactured, cut to size, brushed surface etc)  and dispatched 95% of the time to a client in the UK. Stones from abroad travel sometimes 1000’s of miles before they arrive on UK soil. 

The Pros

English limestone flooring is simply beautiful really. Each quarry will have its unique style and character which will suite different project types. Bath stones for example are hard and can be used outside and even in building and used for pavements in city centers. Other stones such as York stone are good for landscaping and gardens. York stone Paving.  English limestones for kitchens on the other hand is much more common and so there is more choice available. With simple honey tones to stones with fossils, both modern and traditional. English limestones for kitchens

The Cons

Buying a local or English stone for your kitchen isn’t cheap. The start at around the £70m2 and go as high as over £250m2 for the hand finished stones. They are beautiful, and they require an expert installer to install the stone correctly. This is not a job for the everyday builder, you should research and find a professional stone floor installer. Sealing the stone and in some cases applying a wax finish is very important. Use The Tile Association website to find someone reputable.

Old Cream £105m

What are your thoughts on using limestone tile for flooring in your home?

Let us know in the comments! If you have questions please also ask those in the comments and we’ll get them answered for you.

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