Getting Clear on Electric vs Water Underfloor Heating

electric vs water underfloor heating

So you’ve decided to opt for underfloor heating in your new kitchen. The next question is electric vs water underfloor heating? Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision for your project.

Electric Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor Heating relies on a network of wires under your floor that heat up. Depending on the shape of the room, you can go for heating mats, which cover large areas, or individual wires that can get in every nook and cranny. Heating mats are generally a bit cheaper and the wires usually sit on top of a layer of insulation board. 

The electric wires themselves are fairly thin, making them easier and cheaper to install than a water-based system, but they are also slightly pricier to run, making them better suited to smaller areas.

How much to install Electric Underfloor Heating?

An electric system will cost £85 per-square-metre for pre-fitted underfloor heating mats, or £110 a metre for the loose cables. Further costs come in the form of insulation to lay under the system, heating controls and installation fees.

What are the running costs of Electric Underfloor Heating?

Based on a standard Kitchen, heating an area of around 10m2, using a 150W mat system (installed on insulation boards and tiles) running for 4 hours a day on a medium heat, the running cost would be around £12 per month.

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Wet Underfloor Heating

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Water or Wet underfloor heating systems are made by connecting a series of flexible water pipes through a series of channels back to your boiler via a manifold in your house and hot water pumped through the pipes thus heating the tiles on top like one big radiator! Simple….

One main advantage is that it requires a lower water temperature to heat the room its in, this is because water underfloor heating systems for kitchens and other rooms can warm a room more evenly than a radiator can. As a result the system is much more efficient than radiators and more cost effective to run. 

The disadvantage is that water systems are slightly more expensive to install in the first instance. You will require a qualified plumbing engineer who is familiar with UFH systems.

Rock and Wood Interiors design team can advise you on what system is best for your project. Get in touch to discuss your project.

How much to install Wet/Water Underfloor Heating?

A retro fit water system (Polypipe System) will cost between £700 for a single room zone kit to over £4000 for multi room zoned kit. Then you will have installation fees on top of that.

What are the running costs of Electric Underfloor Heating?

Difficult to calculate, but a lot less than your radiators for sure!

What are your thoughts on using electric vs water underfloor heating?

Let us know in the comments! If you have questions please also ask those in the comments and we’ll get them answered for you.

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