How do I clean natural stone floor?

When spending in excess of £4000 for a new natural stone floor, we understand when you ask “How do I clean natural stone floor?”

 The good news is, it’s easy…

The answer, you’ll be glad to hear is, its very easy to keep your stone floor clean. As long as you adhere to a few ground rules then your stone floor should stay looking as good as the day it was laid for a long time.

Tips to clean natural stone floor in your home

  1. Well, first thing to clean natural stone floor is NEVER ever use any household detergents on your floor. Even if you run out of natural stone floor cleaner! They will damage the floor.
  1. Make sure you DO use a recommended natural stone floor cleaning product. Our recommendation is LTP cleaning products.
  1. Cleaning red wine from natural stone floor, what do I do?! Clean it up quickly! Hahahhaha… assuming your installer sealed it correctly then it will simply wipe off with a damp cloth, good as new.
  1. It’s our recommendation that you consider resealing your natural stone floor every three to five years depending on how much traffic it gets. 
  1. Top tip: When installing, we always apply an extra bit of sealer around the cooker area. This is where fat drips and stains are most likely to occur. Speak to your fitter about doing this for you, or do it yourself a day or so after the install (remember to make sure the stone is clean before you apply sealer).
  1. Visit to buy cleaning and maintenance products and get great advice from the Lithofin team over the phone there, too.

What are your thoughts on how to clean natural stone floor, do you have any tips to share?

Let us know in the comments! If you have questions please also ask those in the comments and we’ll get them answered for you.

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