Everything from limestone (pictured) and travertine to granite and slate, classic stone is an unsurprisingly popular flooring choice. The beauty of stone is in its natural, unique variations – no two pieces are completely the same.

Be aware that more irregular stones are harder to slot together neatly. ‘If you choose more rustic tiles that don’t have smooth edges, the grout lines will be thicker and these can get dirty,’ A honed, matt surface will give you a more modern look. 

Slate has a reputation for being soft, but it’s possible to find more hard-wearing varieties. ‘Slate varies in its toughness,’  ‘Cumbrian slate, for instance, acts like granite.’

Pros High wow factor – stone is beautiful, timeless and classy. It’s robust, long-lasting and easy to care for. It works with underfloor heating and is a good heat conductor.‘Stone catches heat and holds onto it for about an hour,’ says Andrew. 

Cons ‘Stone is not very forgiving to your feet if you’re likely to be standing on it for long periods,’ It’s also pretty unforgiving where any dropped crockery is concerned. It’s cold without underfloor heating and can scratch. More irregular surfaces can harbour dirt. ‘Darker floors show the wear more, and will reveal the more well trodden paths,’ It needs a strong, rigid and level base – it can’t be laid on a floating floor. 

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